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The Villainess ( 4 minutes ago )

anainthestars : Nikita meets kite. Pretty good, glad I finally took a chance on it. Very interesting and sad too. Some nice fight scene. This could be a great tv show I think.

White Famous ( 14 minutes ago )

wildreign : had to turn it off at Jaime Foxx's nasty nutts SORRRRY! NOT FOR ME!

Scared Famous ( 16 minutes ago )

nakedheart : Atlanta was good !

The Jellies ( 26 minutes ago )

BeauTyStarZ : Good one!...! !!!

Cars 3 ( 27 minutes ago )

Moneyluv : Enjoyed the movie, but the plot change at the end was a bit underwhelming. Left me with an empty feeling, because i really wanted to see Mcqueen win it. Hopefully, that plot change was not inspired by the womens' rights movement, because that would be more than disgusting. If so, it would seem that Disney has shown pity towards the female gender, which is almost the same as insulting them. Especially, since the foreshadowing seemed forced.

The Jellies ( 27 minutes ago )

BeauTyStarZ : I am liking this show more and more. Yes-- they've got something and that something I apparently like because I find my self looking for them every week and being glad and episode popped up.

Supergirl ( 31 minutes ago )

darkgab : how if they are "indestructible" tell me how the fuck did they have sexe for the first time it a "indestructible" virgin vagina mind blow like wtf powergirl got a kids and cora ad sexe whit the black guys first so !!!!!!

Chicago Med ( 33 minutes ago )

alias6969 : Well, well, well things are just as crazy as ever on this show. Nice to see Robin is still crazy as ever, but in a different way! So glad this show is back. 5/5

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan ( 41 minutes ago )

PeterNorth : I remember when we had him come to Louisville as a guest in the early days of Wonderfest back in '96. Best convention ever! We rented a small independent theater on Saturday night to show the original King Kong film. Ray, along with Robert Bloch, Chris Walas and other guests, took turns telling their Kong stories at a podium in front of the screen before the film. We took shifts as his helper, and I'll never forget, while we were looking for the hotel restroom outside the convention area, he pretended to run for the outside door and looked back with a grin like he was going to use the bushes just outside lol.

Mudbound ( 41 minutes ago )

BigUps4Talent : ...and what makes it to the screen is minimalism in comparison to what they really did/do to black people. Always makes out like there were some good ole white folk too. I hate movies like this because it just dredges up what is just beneath the surface in both whites and blacks. There are still this type of white right now. He said it best... --To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.--James Baldwin.

White Famous ( 52 minutes ago )

ibgabe : Four episodes in and I'm still really digging it. Kind of love the Stu crossover from Californication.

The Good Doctor ( 57 minutes ago )

tbooker022 : Murphy is SAVAGE, he shuts down every therapist when they try to get some feelings out of him, but that ending was touching, she owed him an apple...5/5

I Am Elizabeth Smart ( 1 hour ago )

LadyHex : A sad story with a happy ending! It is sad though, throughout this movie you can tell that Elizabeth is so busy trying to defend herself from comments made about her from some of the public, which were horrible! Why must people judge everyone, especially a little girl abducted from her own bedroom and raped every day for nine months!?

O.J.: Made in America ( 1 hour ago )

drno62 : Reviewed July 26, 2017: Been meaning to watch this since awards season, but an 8-hour doc is quite an undertaking. So, I'm definitely a little late to this party but it still can be said. O.J.: Made in America is one of the greatest documentaries ever made and may be the best doc I've ever seen. Best film of 2016, hands down. An epic indictment of America's ideals and an exhaustively thorough piece of investigative journalism that shines the spotlight at a nation's obsession with fame, media, cult of personality, and our crippling inability to act upon the imperative issues of race and justice for all. A thought provoking, soul-shattering masterpiece. (7-26-2017)

The Murder of Laci Peterson ( 1 hour ago )

Rayne : If the person did indeed "not" realize she'd been in a court case than by law here in NY at least he'd have gotten a new trial. I can't say if he's innocent or not but that alone means he should get another trial.

The Brave ( 1 hour ago )

alias6969 : Holy crap, that ending was intense! A most excellent episode. Jaz was fun to watch this episode. Can't wait to see how this will all play out in the next episode. 5/5

The Gifted ( 1 hour ago )

Duqow : Finally their cocking with Fire:)

The Good Doctor ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : Good as always. A bit different with a different ending.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta ( 1 hour ago )

malloryor : This is the only reality tv show I enjoy. These women keep me SO entertained but Kenya is so fake, she honestly sounds like she's role playing for the camera by trying to pretend she has a happy,normal marriage. But why isn't he on camera? You mean to tell me you all got married in secret on an island yet the Paparazzi still knew where you'd be, at what time and that you would be exchanging wedding vowels? He's not comfortable being on camera but he agrees to marry a reality tv star?? Nene gave some tea with those tags being on his clothes, Kenya bought clothes probably to jus redecorate her closet and make it seem like Marc is coming around, but he's not. We'd have had a t least a few scenes of them on their "supposed" weekends by now. As for Cynthia, she may be one of the more sweet ones but she's fake. She spent all of last season saying she wasn't a relationship person and that's why she wanted a divorce, to now she's saying she is a relationship person and can't just date around. Truthfully, Cynthia is so corny with her fake perfect life set ups, she left Peter because he cheated, not because she simply wanted to be free of commitment to a marriage.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

Browncoats : I'm your, so good to have Cas back. And Dean was in rare form this episode, even got a Die Hard reference out of him in the tunnel...nice.

The Glass Castle ( 1 hour ago )

Sassyreadhead63 : This one kept my full attention throughout the entire movie. It was both heartwarming, and heartbreaking. Woody did a fantastic job with this character, as did the rest of the cast. Thanks so much to the up linkers!

Marvel's The Punisher ( 1 hour ago )

DMoneyEX : Wow I'm only gonna say a name: Billy Russo = Psychopath

Cassandra French's Finishing School ( 1 hour ago )

Cricket_N_Michell : This is a surprisingly hilarious series. The Characters are quirky and endearing.

Superior Donuts ( 1 hour ago )

ThomasinaPaine : 4/5 What the's Thanksgiving, and those were good points made.

The Gifted ( 1 hour ago )

tbooker022 : Amazing things happened in this episode, Grandpa got Juice, and the 80's flashback was exceptional...5/5

The Big Snit ( 1 hour ago )

caprikorn : this was pretty lame IMHO

Justice League ( 1 hour ago )

lohocla : I liked it, and I'm usually pretty hypercritical of movies like this. Having said that, the "minions fight" that all these movies are having don't really add anything for me, just mindless filler. It is a forgone conclusion that the minions lose, and lose big, so what is the point in caring what happens? I mean, all these movies would be 85-90 minutes if it wasn't for that.

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

facteau579 : Here's a question...there was a lot of hype about, and even a teaser trailer or two, about Wonder Woman being in this Where is she, so far, not even a mention. What, are they going to wait till the end of the season, then have her in the end of the last episode?

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown ( 2 hours ago )

cappee : LOL, loved this episode

The Limehouse Golem ( 2 hours ago )

lowoil : Could of been great, Bill does some great acting but this film decided unfortunately to concentrate too much on gore (and nudity) when they had a chance to concentrate on character development. Not as predictable as some are suggesting. 6/10

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! ( 2 hours ago )

MNJ02711 : I am so glad this is back on ! The only one I know is Toff.

Mako Mermaids ( 2 hours ago )

wolf_child : hey cameo from the original h2o! I want to call her Rikki or Nikki, I forget her name but yay!

Shameless ( 2 hours ago )

adarkangel26 : The show writers and cast are really good at being real, at least the family stuff... I am going to be up all night catching up.

The Blacklist ( 2 hours ago )

water2whine : Duhamn - what an epic episode - Raymond is such a badass - just love it when he goes all nuclear!!! It's hard to believe that James Spader is pulling off a role like this!! and I don't for one second believe that Tom is gone -- this will be another fake death - I didn't like his character but he completed that nut job Elizabeth.

The Lighthouse ( 2 hours ago )

lowoil : Yeah, little drawn out..... say an hour too long.

Lucifer ( 2 hours ago )

Hosfac : Lol the shot glass.

God of War ( 2 hours ago )

maxter_of_puppies : great movie... the scenery was inspiring... great culture... also watch blade of the immortal for a view of another great culture..

Shameless ( 2 hours ago )

Toriiiii : This season sucks so far!!!

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

locomojoboy : Well, the was the lamest excuse at explaining his return. Hopefully this mean they can get rid of him and write him out of the show. The only character who has been of any interest this whole season has been Odette's Reign character. They spent so much time building her up, i hope they dont get rid of her by the season's end.

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

al41bear : They stated it clearly in this episode so I will ask: why did they change BASIC LEGION continuity? What do they have to gain by this development in Kara's life?

A Place to Call Home ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Controlling and judgemental parents, gossips are there to ruin good times.

Geostorm ( 2 hours ago )

shade50 : This movie was super rushed.. i actually like some of these end of the world type movies and the fact this one was dealing with space i was all in but it just couldn't set up a decent story and rushed through everything.. its a one time watch for me

Future Man ( 3 hours ago )

RoseRed3 : Her name is Britt Lower according to IMDB. Oops, this was meant to be in response to aakashba's post below.

Ghost Wars ( 3 hours ago )

Anastan11 : I love this show!

Geostorm ( 3 hours ago )

Godisgood2 : I liked the movie, was better than I thought it would be ,and a little touching. 7/10

The Circle ( 3 hours ago )

locomojoboy : This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future that liberals dream of. One where no one has a right to privacy and anonymity, where people are chipped and monitored by the most powerful tech companies in the world, aka Google and Facebook.

Mudbound ( 3 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : I will never, ever understand the hatred that is prejudice. I have never known it personally, but I have come to know it through films like this one. It breaks my heart. I found this film very sad for many reasons but it was still worth watching.

Graves ( 3 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : In the midst of all the ciaos they all pulled together. Nice episode.

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The Villainess

anainthestars : Nikita meets kite. Pretty good, glad I finally took a chance on it. Very interes ...

White Famous

wildreign : had to turn it off at Jaime Foxx's nasty nutts SORRRRY! NOT FOR ME!

Scared Famous

nakedheart : Atlanta was good !

The Jellies

BeauTyStarZ : Good one!...! !!!

Cars 3

Moneyluv : Enjoyed the movie, but the plot change at the end was a bit underwhelming. Left ...

The Jellies

BeauTyStarZ : I am liking this show more and more. Yes-- they've got something and that someth ...

Chicago Med

alias6969 : Well, well, well things are just as crazy as ever on this show. Nice to see Robi ...

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